Investor Relations

SALvest’s investment approach centers on a scalable model that calls for smaller, entry-level projects in multiple sectors of the Sierra Leone economy. These seed projects will allow SALvest to accumulate the resources and local operating experience necessary to ensure success in larger and more capital-intensive projects.

Projects will be selected through a rigorous research and evaluation process and the focus will be on projects that leverage the core strength and comparative advantages of local communities while at the same providing a steady cashflow to support SALvest’s investment objectives and an excellent return on investment for SALvest’s members.

Local communities will serve as an integral partner in SALvest’s endeavors, and SALvest will invest the resources necessary to strengthen and empower those communities to be strong business partners.

Areas in which SALvest is currently evaluating investment include agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, real estate, retail, and transportation.

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